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Poems of God in humanity

This collection is at present open-ended and has not been published in print form. 

Many of the poems I've written since the Millenium have been about what it means when we talk about God in humanity. The title poem Incarnate is my latest dart thrown at the target of a coherent telling of the Christian story.

The rest of the collection is loosely formed into a sequence reflecting birth, life, death and what may come after. Many pieces were for specific events or commissions, so it includes another tranch of Christmas carol service poems. 





 Higgs boson

 A brief history of God

 More Yule fuel 

      Come, Immanuel

      A Christmas commentary


          What kind of Messiah?


          Modus operandi

          The fourth king's gift


     Gabriel's revelation

     The sceptical shepherd

     A child is born

     The magi at the empty manger

     Prayers of hope




     News just in
 Church is a verb

 In his hands

 Two poems for BPD



 The Breton saints 


 words from the cross   








      Climbing to Everest (for Geoff Longden) 

      Remembrance (for Michael Adams)

      All the stops (for Margaret Creasy)

      Body count (for Graham Rust)

      Questions (for John Duckworth)

      Waiting for the professor (for Colin Duckworth)

      Liz's walk (for Liz Reynolds)



      heaven is within you

      kingdom of heaven    

      treasure in heaven    

      new heaven new earth