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I saw it first 
this bloody work of heart
in my mind’s eye 
in the beginning
or what you call 
the beginning 

time was the canvas 
I prepared to paint on

I drew its outline 
in the life of Abraham
my palette history 
its colours mixed
in Israel’s rise and fall 

I worked from life
against a landscape 
of an Eden spoiled

my people 
with their untamed 
rebel hearts
stared out through masks 
of beauty scarred 
with sin

painstaking detail 
light and darkness 
then the hardest thing
I ever did

love was daubed 
with every brush-stroke 
of the Spirit
on the unforgiving texture 
of the soul

finally to shape 
the central figure
I needed human hands 

I laboured with Mary
to bring the enterprise 
to birth 

three more decades
of preparation 
were meticulous

it is not irony 
that I was framed
and hung up here 
to die
it is the point

I am the artist 
and the portrait too
painting out at last 
in the blood of God
a perfect self-expression 

my still life

this is 
my masterpiece 
and it is finished

Sixth poem of seven in the sequence words from the cross.  Revised in December 2017.

Godfrey Rust, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for details of permissions for use.