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Woman, as I prepare
      to slip the leash of time 
for a moment your grief
      reels me back in; the sword  
pierces us both 
      but you alone will feel then  
the pain I feel now,
      watching a mother  
watch a son die. Before
      you gave birth to me  
I AM, and at a word
      I made time flow 
like tears: but what
      could I in my eternity 
know of such a loss as yours? Timeless
      I became mankind 
there was no other way
      to learn the meaning  
of this moment. Soon
      I will have gained 
eternity again; you have
      the meantime, and I will  
not leave you comfortless.
      Beside you is one  
whom I have loved
      more than a brother: 
Dear woman, here is your son.
      Son, here is your mother.