wordsout by godfrey rust

Purple Rain

A modern wife

We grew up in the Sixties
when everything was new. 
We only stopped at nothing
when nothing was taboo. 
So who put up this barrier
that I cannot break through? 

We had an open marriage. 
We lived and we let live. 
I never asked for anything
he didn't want to give. 
So what is it we both resent
and neither can forgive?

We gave the kids their freedom
because it was their right. 
They had the information. 
They had the appetite.
So who is it I think I've failed
when they stay out all night? 

We never hid our feelings.
We had no place for sham.
We freed ourselves to be ourselves.
We didn't give a damn.
So why is it I lie awake
and wonder who I am? 

Godfrey Rust 1985, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for permissions.