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Open doors

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If something good is to be done, it will usually be because we take responsibility to meet needs of others.

The only track on Prayers in Time which is entirely a family affair: son and daughter Joel and Emma sing harmony vocals, and Adam played keys and produced and mixed. Also in part a homage to Simon and Garfunkel. Adam describes the lightweight production as if we're just sitting round in the living room with a couple of guitars, like the times Joel and I have sat singing The Boxer or April Come She Will.


The Web we wove for wonder caught the faces of our 
images flashed on our screens, sound streamed in our ears
like doors that open out upon a world without relief
from the empty eyes of hunger, the bitter voice of grief.

It is the landscape of the victims of the lies we can't defend
we turn to our amusements and our families and our  
the doors cannot be closed now that we've seen what we  
     have seen
and we've heard the words of Jesus and we know what
     now mean—

Open doors to those in suffering and loss,
waking to our world in the shadow of the cross:
never shirk from our commitment as you never shirked
     from yours
to meet the crying need we see through open doors.

Onto the refugee whose crime was to be born in the      
     wrong place,
to the moment's inattention that a lifetime won't erase,
to the prisoner of conscience being tortured just for fun,
to the children drinking water that will kill them one 
     by one;

onto the rude and awkward neighbour who needs a loving       friend,
to the smiling wife and mother's secret cancer of the brain,
to the bullied anorexic who has gone from losing hope
to the end of her tether to the end of a rope.

Open doors…

The doorway opens out on the agendas of the hour—
shameless priests and politicians trade their principles for power
each beaten-down minority walks on through hate or pain
till the tables in the temple are turned over once again.

If we turn from the doorway we are turning to despair—
it takes time, it takes talent, it takes money, it takes prayer:
what was good for the Samaritan is good for everyone
who can't do everything for all but who will do something        for some—

Open doors...


Words and music by Godfrey Rust


Godfrey Rust lead vocal, acoustic guitars

Emma Nixon, Joel Rust backing vocals

Adam Rust keyboards, synth bass, drum programming


Recorded by Adam Rust and Godfrey Rust

Produced, engineered and mixed by Adam Rust

Co-produced by Godfrey Rust

Mastered by Denis Blackham