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In need of grace

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At the end nothing is worth much if it is not done out of love.

At the break of day, before I go my way
to all the give and taking that I face,
every place I go, with every friend or foe,
in all I do I know I'm in need of grace.

In noon’s activity, with every hurt I see
and every bright ambition that I chase,
in courage or in stealth, in poverty or wealth,
in sickness or in health I'm in need of grace.

I'm in need of faith for restoration
in the moment of betrayal,
in need of love that gives forgiveness
when I hammer in the nail,
in need of hope of resurrection
when the powers of death prevail:
when all is said and done I'm in need of grace.

At the set of sun, when my race is run
and I lay down upon my resting place,
for all that's passed my way and all that’s left to say
every single day I'm in need of grace;
every single day I'm in need of grace.


Words and music by Godfrey Rust


Godfrey Rust, Neena Caperna vocals

Adam Rust piano, programming

David Fitzgerald flute, soprano sax

Claire Dovey violin

Sam Brown cello


Recorded by Adam Rust and Godfrey Rust

Produced and engineered by Adam Rust

Co-produced by Godfrey Rust

Mixed by Enoch John

Mastered by Denis Blackham