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songs of hope and grace

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Since the July atrocities around Jos, with several hundred killed and hundreds of houses burned down in attacks by Muslim "herdsmen" on Christian farmers, thousands of Christians are displaced in camps. Kenneth (above left) and members of his church providing aid to one of the camps.

Prayers in Time over halfway to its target for Kenneth's schools

Within weeks of its launch Prayers In Time had raised more than half of its target 14,000 to complete the building of two life-changing schools in Africa - the last floor of classrooms is already built!

In 2002 the Rev Kenneth Ononeze started to build a primary and a secondary school to give affordable education to families in Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. Jos is a Christian city which has suffered many atrocities at the hands of Islamist terrorists, the most recent in July 2018 in which hundreds were killed, injured and made homeless.

Kenneth is a brave and honest man in a country notorious for corruption. He and his wife Helen and his church have built the schools with whatever money they have been able to raise. He takes no income from the school. They charge very low fees, and though they are Christian, free scholarships are offered to Muslim children, especially girls, who cannot get education otherwise. They get some of the best results in the state and send many students to universities. A Muslim boy they took from the streets of Jos has recently gone to Tehran to study medicine there.

Yet 16 years on they still haven’t been able to complete the basic building work to provide enough classrooms: as of May 2018 they needed about 14,000 more to do so. We aim to raise that through Godfrey’s album Prayers in Time. All the income from the album goes to Kenneth via the charity which was set up many years agofor that purpose. The recording and production costs are the gift of our family and the contributors. 

We have supported Kenneth’s work with all income from Godfrey’s music and poetry for more than 20 years, along with our friends Geoff Shattock and Maria Silva, both of whom have spent time with Kenneth in Jos.

Please support us by buying an album on CD or download for 10 (or more if you wish) from www.godfreyrust.bandcamp.com. 100% of what you pay will go to finishing the school building.

If you would like to make a larger gift and perhaps include Gift Aid, please go to the charity page.

Thank you from us and Kenneth and Helen, enjoy the album and share it with your friends!

Godfrey & Tessa Rust

Before (above) and after (below) - the third floor of classrooms and the roof of the last building is already built with the money raised by Prayers In Time. They will be used when the school opens in September - but not plastered or painted or otherwise fitted out until the rest of the money comes in. 

(Below) younger children from the Messiah Christian Academy in Jos. The paper posters say “Please buy Prayers in Time to help finish the building our school.”