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the shape of tomorrow

hold back the light

a solid unbroken support

clashing in colour

fixed like a rainbow


yellow on green

contrasting shades

breaking a non-resistant mould

claiming their own freedom


a damp terracotta tile

lying horizontal and waiting

things to come

different moods, different planes


suddenly one form opens

an arched doorway

to a bright future

where tint and angle collide


so when the tumult dies down

dawns the shape of peace

and hoped-for quiet

all under a multicoloured sky

One of of four poems written by Charles Jobson in response to paintings at the BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) exhibit at St John's Church, West Ealing in September 2017. 

The painting is untitled, by the artist and Virginia Bruno.

Poem Charles Jobson. For permission to re-use contact  godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. 

Borough of Ealing Art Trail