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Our African friend Kenneth says
his church depends on spiritual power 

because they've no money for medicines.
Our sceptical analysis is nothing more 

than the reasoning of the rich, who have placed
their faith in the NHS and BUPA 

to insure against such acts of God.
These healings are 

like early blossom of a coming summer:
this is his nursing love, to ease 

the symptoms of a dying world, where health
is a mercy and not a right; and where although 

the antidote was given long ago, it still appears
sin's virulence must run its bloody course.

Our African friend Kenneth Ononeze is pastor of the Winners Celebration Chapel in Jos, Nigeria. All income from the sales of Welcome to the Real World has gone to support the building of a new church and school there.

health is a mercy and not a right I heard this phrase used by Dr Tim Billington in conversation with him in Southampton.