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I'm no raving charismatic (as you know!)
but what dogma brings you—David Watson's curate— 

to say some gifts are not
for us here and today? What then 

are these signs? Wishful thinking?
Something worse? Would you confine 

his supernatural utterances to one time and place,
say that the God of Job is bound 

to speak now only after proper exegesis? Andrew,
in God's supreme untidiness I only see 

he will do what he wants to when he wants to,
and speak in whatever tongue or form of silence 

best suits his purpose to confound
our stolid pharisaic study of divine behaviour.

David Watson (1933-84) was a leading charismatic evangelical pastor and preacher in the 1970s and 1980s, and an advocate the exercise of the spiritual gifts of tongues and prophecy. Andrew Cornes was his curate at St Michael-le-Befry in York.