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Review in Cross Rhythms magazine

Books of Christian based poetry are few and far between but with this fine book Britain clearly has another wordsmith to put alongside the Steve Turners and Stewart Hendersons. In many ways there are echoes of both those poets' work in the 100 odd poems presented here. But that's got nothing to do with any aping of style, it's just that Godfrey too has those poets' laconic wit and taste for clever play on words. My favourites on my first read were his neatly whimsical 'The Place Where Socks Go' (the title of his first privately produced book) while the 45 poems under the heading 'The Sailing of the Ark' really expose the banality of glib evangelical certainties and end by revering the paradoxes of our faith. If you buy no other book of poetry this year, search out 'Breaking The Chains'.

Brian Tucker, Cross Rhythms, February 1993