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Occasional pieces for the Ealing Eagles Running Club

Ealing Eagles was founded as a "social running club" in 2009, and I joined in May 2011 after meeting Kieran Santry and a few others (there weren't many Eagles at that point) on a Monday night run in Gunnersbury Park. Nine years later the club had grown to a membership of more than 800, some of whom had launched the local parkrun and the Ealing Half Marathon, and Eagles has become a unique local social, sporting and volunteering network with a delightful cast of characters and friends, many of whom are introduced in the video of the calypso Fly with the Eagles.

Fly with the Eagles (2013 version)  

Nanda's calypso (2013)

The numbers game (for Tom Corbett) (2013)

Limericks for two ill-Eagles (2013)

Fly with the Eagles (2012)  watch video

The Ballad of Flatfoot Dave (2012)