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You won't take offence at this, I'm sure,
from one who "hides God's counsel without knowledge"! 

Out of the mental whirlwind he still speaks
the words of eternal life—humble, 

unanswerable. Heaven's wonders are not learned
in any college or debate, but in 

our everyday endurance where we gain
the few things that are needful: faith 

that will outstare the frozen gaze of logic; hope
that hangs on when sense is beaten; love 

that fashions out of human anguish
the material of eternity—these three remain, 

and Corrie ten Boom's words, "the closer you get to God
the less you understand, the more believe."

one who hides God’s counsel without knowledge cf Job 42:3.

faith...hope...love...these three remain cf 1 Corinthians 13:13.

love that fashions out of human anguish the material of eternity This phrase, or something like it, was used by Richard Harries, then Bishop of Oxford, on a Radio 4 Thought for the Day in 1991.

“the closer you get to God...” This quotation from Corrie ten Boom is found in Jamie Buckingham’s book Where Eagles Soar.