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The word said "Become like this
or you will never find me— 

if you are simple you will hear angels,
if you are wise you must watch for signs 

and both will lead you to bring your questions
and lay them at this improbable manger 

where I have placed the passion
that will consume all of mankind. This is what I mean 

when I say the kingdom of heaven
is like a mustard seed, that it is 

folly to the wise and a stone on which
the righteous will stumble, for I have not come 

for the righteous, of whom there are none,
but to save sinners, of whom there are already enough."

like a mustard seed cf Matthew 13:31.

folly to the wise cf 1 Corinthians 1:23.

a stone on which the righteous will stumble cf Isaiah 8:14.

for I have not come to call the righteous... cf Matthew 9:13.