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From his first word
God's efforts to communicate hardly ceased. 

His choice of media was comprehensive:
earthquakes, winds, floods, fires, still small voices, 

burning bushes, tablets, parables,
plumblines, angels, donkeys, plagues and dreams, 

potters' wheels, handwriting on the wall,
the quiet chat in the desert, the mass 

meeting for the reading of the Law,
and then for five hundred years 

pouring out through prophet after prophet
pleadings and promises and dire warnings 

that bordered on despair—in all of this
the message never changed: return, be healed.

floods eg Genesis 7:4.

fire eg 1 Kings 18:38.

still small voices cf 1 Kings 19 12-13 (Authorised Version).

burning bushes cf Exodus 3:4.

tablets cf Exodus 32:15.

plumblines cf Amos 7:7-9.

angels eg Numbers 22:22.

donkeys cf Numbers 22:28.

plagues eg Exodus 7-11.

dreams eg Daniel 7:1.

potters wheels cf Jeremiah 18:1-6.

handwriting on the wall cf Daniel 5:23-24.

quiet chat in the desert eg 1 Kings 19:9-18.

mass meeting cf Ezra 8.