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The world is spoiled and cannot be redeemed
piecemeal by liberal or green do-goodery. Graphs 

grow exponentially, earth
performs its great strip-tease, and for a finale 

will disappear up its own backside
with quite astonishing ease, to the applause 

of constant economic growth. False Christs
queue at McDonalds; the elect 

wander in the myths of Sunday colour magazines
reading of earthquakes and rumours of wars 

in which the disarmed ideologies embrace
beneath the icons of material prosperity—this abomination 

that brings desolation, this god of matter
to whose altar we have been dragged smiling to be sacrificed.

False Christs cf Matthew 24:24.

the elect wander in the myths cf 2 Timothy 4:4.

earthquakes and rumours of wars cf Jesus teaching on the “end times”, Matthew 24:6,7.

this abomination that brings desolation cf Daniel 19:27, Matthew 24:15.