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No rest for the wicked

If we didn’t need sleep just think of all each one of us could do—
with eight hours more in twenty-four how much we could get through.
Time for working, time for talk and lots more time for play,
and all those little jobs you said you’d get round to one day!

Pillows may be comforting and duvets can be tasteful—
beds have their uses, certainly, but sleeping is so wasteful!
If you want to get your MBA or gain one more diploma
you can’t expect to make the grade while lying in a coma. 

You could be making megabucks, instead your broker dozes—
but there’d be no closing market price if nothing ever closes!
You could catch up in the rat race (though there’d still be more ahead—
I wonder if that’s why you never see a rat in bed?). 

The best of pharmaceutical researchers are all hopin’
to find the magic formula to keep those eyelids open
before the boys in DNA start getting way too clever
and isolate the sleeping gene and wake us up for ever. 

Are you missing opportunities while you’re lying there unconscious?
Was Stalin good at breaking eggs? Was Pilate’s first name Pontius?
We’d boost our productivity by staggering proportions—
a third more murders, burglaries, divorces and abortions. 

Unending time to monitor our share portfolios—
it sounds a dream (although of course there’d be no more of those).
But still there’s yet another way to do it much more neatly:
Let’s just cut out the middle man—abolish time completely!

Why break our lives up just to fit the sun and moon’s behaviour?
The timeless web of cyberspace can be our virtual saviour.
Weeks are for weaklings, days for the dazed and minutes there for taking—
No more seconds, only firsts will mark the claims we’re staking. 

An end at last to jet-lag—put that body clock away.
Tomorrow really never comes, it’s just one long today!
No time, no place, no start, no end—O wouldn’t we be clever
if we didn’t need sleep—just think, we could live virtually for ever...

Godfrey Rust, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for details of permissions for use.