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Tree line

Trees are the guardians

of nature’s hidden glory

overflowing into a raw, natural blur

demanding a winsome onlooker.


Beneath the escaping branches

vivid purple vegetation

is hiding memories

of undergrowth and verdure.


Look up to the sky

that’s where these boughs are pointing,

to a film of radiant colour

and super green texture.


Leave it to the trees.

They know a thing or two

of the sheer class

of natural beauty.

One of four poems written by Charles Jobson in response to paintings at the BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) exhibit at St John's Church, West Ealing in September 2019. 

The painting is entitled Woodland walk, by the artist and Barbara Jane Schofield.

Poem Charles Jobson. For permission to re-use contact  godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. 

Borough of Ealing Art Trail