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Magic of the Orient

Those who speak don’t know:

so goes an ancient proverb.

Behind inscrutable faces

lies a simmering joy.


These dragons are more

than fantastic creations,

they are moon and night

to a mystic day,


man and fictional beast

arrayed in a kind of splendour,

keeping secrets back

to a more-than-eternal future.


Men like these

can fathom mysteries

of ancient fury,

lasting down to an ultimate revelation


best not to enquire

about the relationship

of human and creature.

The answer is beyond all our minds.

One of four poems written by Charles Jobson in response to paintings at the BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) exhibit at St John's Church, West Ealing in September 2019. 

The painting is entitled The calm amid the storm, by the artist and Penny Brewer.

Poem Charles Jobson. For permission to re-use contact  godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. 

Borough of Ealing Art Trail