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I have placed an image with each poem to add some more context. Very few of these images have anything directly to do with me: they are mostly found on other sites on the Web, especially Flickr, and copied or linked from there (where source html code has been made available). 

I have generally chosen images to complement the poems and avoided realistic and figurative depictions, though I have used some highly stylised early images (for example, from icons) and contemporary artwork. 

I have acknowledged the creator and/or source where I have been able to identify them, and contacted the creators/owners for permission where this was explicitly required. If anyone objects to the placing of their images in this way, I will remove them. WordsOut is not-for-profit and no commercial benefit accrues to anyone from this re-use. I hope that my use of the images will introduce others to the work of the artists and photographers represented.


In particular I commend the brilliant work of Brandon Robbins, more than 20 of whose photographs I have linked from Flickr.